Manners4Minors for English speakers

Manners4Minors is a unique educational program for Proper Social Behaviour and Good Manners for primary and secondary school students.

It is very important for children to feel loved and that their behaviour and manners are appropriate and liked by parents, teachers, friends, etc. This is based on the children’s need to be accepted by others. Based on the notion of acceptance, Manners4Minors urges children to be receptive of the importance of proper social behaviour and good manners, creating children that others would want to be with, to play with and in general to be around them.

Manners4Minors is taught in English at the Grammar Institute Nicosia (scroll down at the bottom of the page showing the various centers), at S.A. Masterminds Limassol and at the American Academy Institute Larnaca.

Click here to see a complete English presentation (PDF) on Manners4Minors and how will this unique program make your child a better person.

Also see the below English video for a quick program overview.